Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Cyke64 finds the first bug!

Cyke64, a PyS60 uber-hacker, spots the first bug in the book only three days after the book came out. There's a "import appuifw" statement missing in the Plug-in mechanism example (Example 109). The example is now fixed and updated in the book website.

Thanks Cyke64!


digeratus said...

Is the book out now or will it be out in December? I tried to buy it from Amazon and supposedly it won't be published until December. Is there a way for me to order it now?



cyke64 said...

Sorry for you
But there were tons of it at the Symbian smartphone show.

Hey Ville I found a complete review of your book at allaboutsymbian


It would be a good idea to publish this link on this blog


cyke64 said...

Hello ,

Here's a new link where Ville and Jurgen are talking about their book

cyke64 said...

In my browser it seems that there's a problem with links (they are truncated ! :( :(
Is it a problem with Firefox or not ?
Please fix this problem ...


Tanguy said...


There's also an error (typo) in Appendix B: Bluetooth Console, in one of the linux blocks (sorry, no page number, book is at home). The instructions say:

"sdptool add-channel=3 SP"

should be

"sdptool add --channel=3 SP"

Congratulations on the book btw, it communicates a great deal of enthusiasm on your part for this tech.

anantgarg said...

There is also an error in the set default access. You forgot to import e32. Btw, I am trying to purchase your book in India, but there are no bookshops keeping your book. I am wondering if there is an ebook which I can get hold of?

Thank you very much.

John said...

vocabulector doesn't work

missing import e32

Bob Foltrigg said...

Hello authors, very nice book!
Don't know if you're still maintaining this blog/errata, but I've just found a bug in the very first example ("First PyS60 program"): you're doing a narrowing conversion of the user input to an ascii bytestring, which absolutely throws a unicodeerror for any nontrivial nonenglish name/word. I suggest changing the str() conversion to unicode() or maybe leaving out the conversion altogether.

Fehmi B said...

Page 153:
Use signal_dbm() instead of dbm()

Paulo Andrade said...

In my cellphone, Example 14 gives a Errno -46, PermissionDenied.

Probably the application can't access the inbox. Any ideas ?