Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Welcome to Mobile Python Book blog!

This blog serves as an errata and discussion forum for the book Mobile Python: Rapid Prototyping of Applications on the Mobile Platform. Feel free to use comments in the blog to report bugs and typos.

Happy hacking!


Steve Litchfield said...

Great book so far. I'm reviewing it for AllAboutSymbian. Thanks for saving my fingers by having all the examples online, too!

oscheel said...

Thanks for writing this beautiful book. For me it's already cult though it's available since a few days ;-)

btw: I was very suprised to see examples with MAX/MSP!

btw2: Using Ped (the editor), it's easy to write applications on S60 devices with a qwerty keyboard.

alfred schilken said...

I got the book yesterday and find it quite useful. I installed pyS60 on my 6630 a year ago but without some practical hints I didn't use it in real life.

May be this will change now.

Thanks for the book especially for example 108 "Updating PyS60 code from the web" and the excellent infos about bluetooth!

The bluetooth console is now working fine with my eeepc.

For readers not used to linux the formatting of the commands in chapter B.1.3 can be confusing.

Printed it looks like this:

hciconfig hci0 piscan # is ok
sdptool add-channel=3 SP # no blank after add, only one - before channel
rfcomm listen/dev/rfcomm0 3 # no blank after listen

But the shell needs this:
hciconfig hci0 piscan
sdptool add --channel=3 SP
rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm0 3

I have one question:
I'm looking for something like telephone.bind(incoming_call_callback)
as it is possible for incoming sms (example 17).
Does anyone know about an extension module that can handle this.

There would be interesting applications if a python script could display information about the actual caller.


Lauro said...

Congratulations for you both J├╝rgen and Ville. Your book is great.

One important thing that could turn PyS60 into a even greater success would be the possibility to change the original
PythonScriptShell sis file. The interaction available i.e. brownsing a list of py files is far from a great user interface.

I could imagine a full featured shell in order to get it more friendly to end users and having it also available in other languages.

Is it possible to do that? Could you show me the path? I am a JavaME professional and not an expert in Symbian OS programming.
I know one have to certify the application, etc. Please help me with that.

Lauro Kozovits
Nokia Champion 2008

Vasudev Ram said...

Congrats on the book. Going to try to get it.

- Vasudev Ram
Dancing Bison Enterprises.

Santiago said...

Hello, is this still being checked?

I have a simple question.

On example 27, the "Animal Sounds", the global variable "global funny_noise" is declared in two separate functions. Why do I need to do this? isn't the point of a global variable that I also don't have to declare it more than once?


Ashutosh said...

Is Blackberry phone supports python script.
Can we automate any application of java using python script?

Please reply me soon.

maryam Naeem said...

is there any possibility that we can edit a text message in our inbox without letting know anybody that the message is edited?